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Powerfill Adapter

Introducing the 1140 - Powerfill Adapter, a truly revolutionary breakthrough that promises to enhance the lives of professional mechanics and automotive DIY enthusiasts alike. Designed to provide a versatile solution for those seeking an ultra-efficient means of converting a Power Extractor into a Power Fill system, this powerful adapter has garnered a sizeable following over the years.

The benefits of the 1140 - Powerfill Adapter are clear. Not only can anyone easily and quickly utilize it, but it allows for high pressure pressurization of a Power Extractor. With its inclusion of a schrader valve, you have the option to upgrade even further with our 1710 Pressurization Pump, for an even more enhanced experience.

It is important to note that, however, we strongly advise against utilizing the 1140 - Powerfill Adapter for converting a PowerBleeder to a PowerFill. This is due to potential issues that can arise from combining brake fluid with other lubricants, such as gear oil.

Now, more than ever, is the time to make working on brakes better and easier than ever before. Try the 1140 - PowerFill Adapter today and discover the limitless potential for more efficient, streamlined automotive maintenance.


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