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Power Fill Pro - 2 Gallon

Working on vehicles can be a messy job, especially when it comes to filling your transmission or differential with the new fluid. Luckily, Motive Products has released the Power Fill Pro series of fluid transfer pumps--making it easier and cleaner than ever before to change out your drivetrain fluids.

The 1965 model is designed for both professional mechanics and DIYers alike. It has a 2-Gallon tank with a schrader valve for pressurization and an American-made ball valve shutoff-- giving you precision control over the flow of fluid. Additionally, this model includes all three adapters: 1/8", 1/4". and 3/8" making it versatile enough to work on any vehicle make or model.

Using the Power Fill Pro is incredibly straightforward and efficient. Simply pour in the new fluid, insert the hook spout, pump up the tank, then let gravity do its job. Not only will this save you time compared to traditional methods but it also makes sure that your workspace stays neat and tidy as you take care of your automotive needs. Don't risk spills or slowdowns with old-fashioned pump cans—choose Power Fill Pro from Motive Products for your next service project!