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Power Extractor

The Motive Products Power Extractor 2 Gallon offers a professional and easy way to manage maintenance on your vehicle. With this power extractor, you can take the mess out of changing oil in just a few minutes. This device features an 8-quart capacity tank and a 1/4 inch diameter by ~3 feet hose. It also includes a dipstick probe for oil changes and a flexible tube for vacuum brake bleeding, making it perfect for up to two oil changes per session.

No longer will you have to get under your car or remove the skid plates and lift the car using jack stands when executing oil changes - simply insert the Power Extractor’s vacuum tube down your dipstick tube for swift and complete removal of used engine lubrication. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or DIY user, Motive Products’ Power Extractor 2 Gallon is sure to make quick work of necessary car maintenance tasks.