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AGS Automotive Solutions is the aftermarket’s #1 supplier of hydraulic brake lines and fittings and will be a perfect home for one of the best tools for bleeding brakes. We are proud and excited that the owners of Motive Products selected us to continue their dedication to quality and service and elevate the Motive brand.

Over the last 20 years, the Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder has been used by racers, enthusiasts, home mechanics, and professional mechanics.  Many of these people have little or no experience in bleeding brakes but were able to successfully use our tool to save time and money. To our great pride, the Power Bleeder has been universally praised as an effective tool that is simple to use.   We have expanded our product line to include Power Extractors for use in changing oil to Power Fills for use in refilling transmissions and differentials.

Our products are proudly produced in the U.S. We make our tools with great care and the quality of our products is our core focus.