The Power Fill

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Marco Romani

You've been there before.  You want to change the fluid in your transmission.  You're lying on your back with a quart container of transmission fluid in one hand and a cheap hand pump that attaches to the fluid container in the other hand.  And you start pumping, it seems like about an ounce a pump goes into the tranny.   You have 2 gallons to pump into that beast.   Halfway through one of the containers the pump pops off the container neck and you get tranny fluid in the face.  It really shouldn't be this hard to do.  That's where the Motive Products Power Fill comes into play.   Fill it with the amount of fluid you need, pressurize it with the hand pump or shop air, insert the fill tube into the transmission, open up the valve and walk away.  Done.  No Mess.  No transmission fluid in your hair, or eyes. 


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