Adapter Cap Pictures and Dimensions

Pictures are BELOW captions -  

1100/1109 Inner Diameter European

1103/1113 Inner Diameter Chrysler/Dodge
1107/1117  Ford/Subaru/Nissan/Mistubishi
Mustangs after 2005 thru 2014 need the 1118.   Mustangs after 2015 use the 1100/1109
1108  GM Inner Diameter  (we have recently modified the 1118 to fit Mazda and Tesla - the 1118 ID is now 1.8")
1162 Brembo Front Inner Diameter
1165  Brembo Rear Inner Diameter 
Measured at the narrowest point of 
the threads.
1105 Early American (Red anodized shown..All adapters are silver now)- 
1115 Large Rectangular Adapter for Plastic GM M/C's and the long Wilwood M/C (Red anodized shown..All adapters are silver now)-