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Posted on July 10, 2018 by Eric Leicher

Dear Motive Products.
I just purchased and received my new Motive Products power bleeder for a project car that I'm working on. I opened the box this morning and followed the simple instructions printed directly on the tank. I found that MY new Motive Products Power Bleeder is simple to use and does the job superbly/effortlessly. I even called one of my friends when I finished my car and we bled his brakes as well. After seeing how simple and well it worked, he will be ordering one soon! Please let me say to anyone that is thinking about whether or not to buy one, you are crazy not to purchase a Motive Products Power Bleeder! It makes bleeding your brakes effortless and you don't need anyone to help you!!! Trust me, buy one before your next brake job, you'll be happy that you did!!!!!!
Brad M
Camarillo, CA


Hi ,
I have the 1101 Universal that I used to do a complete bleed and refill on a 98 Honda Accura. My friend says the car stops better than ever. Took me less than an hour with almost no mess.
I also have the 0115 adapter for my 77 Chevy El Camino. I did a complete brake overhaul and bleeding and refilling was the easiest part.
Thanks for such an awesome product that gets the job done right and fast.
I got mine from Zim's Autotechnik in  Bedford Texas not too far from my home.
Scott M

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