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Black Label Chrysler Adapter

The 1113 Black Label Chrysler Adapter is the perfect solution for professional and DIY mechanics needing to quickly and easily transfer brake fluid from a container to their vehicle. Constructed of rugged, round aluminum with three tabs, this adapter is designed to fit late model Chrysler vehicles (most 1983 and later), Jeeps, as well as other similar makes/models.

For those who demand precision and accuracy when replacing brake fluid regularly, the 1113 Black Label Chrysler Adapter features an advanced design that ensures a leak-proof connection and prevents air from being introduced back into the system. The end result is a smoother, safer ride each time you get behind the wheel.

Whether you’re working on cars in a professional capacity or doing at-home repairs, the 1113 Black Label Chrysler Adapter is the ideal choice for quickly and correctly transferring fluid without worry or inconvenience.