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Girling 1.75" Adapter

The Girling 1.75” Adapter - a unique bleeder system designed with advanced technology to provide reliable and efficient bleeding service every time. The 1124 pressure brake bleeder system features a 2 quart capacity and a powerful 1.75" threaded adapter that is perfect for British cars, including Triumph, MG, Jaguar Austin Healey and several others. It is the best solution for high-performance bleeding services and its superior corrosion resistance means you can rely on years of trouble-free service.

Gone is the need for extra pairs of hands when it comes to bleeding the brake system. With the Girling 1.75” Adapter, bleeding will be a breeze. The design is perfect for one-person operation - so a single mechanic can bleed the brakes without needing anyone else to pump the pedal. This makes it an ideal helper for DIY enthusiasts, as well as industry professionals looking to make their brake bleeding processes effortless.

Get ready to experience stress-free brake bleeding like never before, thanks to the innovative design of Girling 1.75” Adapter. It is the perfect tool for those who are passionate about maintaining their cars and those who want to improve the performance of their automotive systems. So, invest in this high-quality device today and enjoy the convenience it brings to your car maintenance routine!