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The 1175 is a fitting that replaces the stock bleeder screw in many BMW expansion tanks. Using the 1175 and a Power Bleeder or another source of pressure allows you to test all the components of your cooling system for leaks. Very simple to use - just remove the bleed screw and replace with the 1175.   Follow service manual directions for pressure test time and pressurization.  When done testing remember to depressurize the system by first clamping off the 1175 and then SLOWLY removing the radiator cap.  Note the 1175 is the brass fitting, hose and coupler, Power Bleeder sold separately. BMW Applications: 
318i,is,iC E36
323is,iC E36
328i,is,iC E36
318ti E36
M3 B30 E36
M3 B32 E36
Z3 1.9 Z3
318i M42 E30
318iC E30
MRoadster S52
Z3 Z3 2.3
Z3 Z3 2.5i
Z3 Z3 2.8
Z3 Z3 3.0
Z3 Z3 Coupe 2.8
Z3 Z3 Coupe 3.0
Z3 MRoadster S54
Z3 MCoupe S54
323i E46
323Ci E46
323Ci Conv. E46
323i Wagon E46
328i E46
328Ci E46
330i E46
330Ci E46
330Ci Conv. E46
330Xi E46
325i E46
325Xi E46
325Ci E46
325Ci Conv. E46
325i Wagon E46
325Xi Wagon E46
M3 E46 M3
Conv. E46
525i E34 5
25i M50 E34
525i Touring E34
528i E39
528i Wagon E39
525i E39
525i Wagon E39
530i E39
540i E39
540i Wagon E39
740i, iL E38
750iL E38
840Ci E31
850i E31
850Ci E31
850CSi E31
325i E36
325iC E36
325is E36
X3 2.5i E83
X3 3.0i E83
X5 3.0i SAV
X5 4.4i M62 SAV
X5 4.6is SAV
X5 4.4 N62 SAV
X5 4.8is SAV  
Z4 2.5i E85
Z4 3.0i S54 E85
MRoadster S54 E85
MCoupe S54 E86
Alpina V8 Z8
Mini Applications: Cooper Cooper Conv. Cooper S Cooper S Conv.
WARNING: Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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