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Introducing the revolutionary 1111 - Miata First & Second Generation Adapter. This ground-breaking product is specially made to fit both the first and second generation Mazda Miata models. It is a 70mm threaded aluminum adapter that ensures a secure connection when using your Power Bleeder on multiple vehicles. Equipped with an integrated swivel fitting, this custom-made adapter prevents hosing kinking while it's in use. Constructed from red anodized metal, you can rely on this adapter to stay leak-free without fail.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, having the proper equipment for any job—like our 1111 - Miata First & Second Generation Adapter—is essential. That's why you need our trusted solution that fits all your vehicle needs! No more trying to fit random parts together; just get what's designed for Miata 1st and 2nd Generations and enjoy maximum compatibility at its finest.