Application Guide



Adapter Cap Pictures and Dimensions 

Here is some information we hope you will find helpful when reading the application guide found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. There are two terms used on the application guide. "Bleeders" refer to the tank, pump, hose and adapter cap that mates to the brake fluid reservoir.  "Adapters" are just the brake fluid reservoir cap, allowing a customer to buy only the part they need to allow the use of a previously purchased Bleeder with different type of reservoir. 


ALL POWER BLEEDERS COME WITH THE ADAPTER CAP INCLUDED WITH THE POWER BLEEDER.   Single marque "Bleeder" part numbers start with a zero followed by three numbers,  Single marque adapter part numbers start with a one and are followed by three numbers. For example: the  0108 Power Bleeder Kit fits most GM cars, p/n 1108 is just the GM adapter that connect to the brake fluid reservoir. If you already have a Power Bleeder for one car but now need to work on a car with a different type of cap you can buy just the cap. For example if you have the 0108 bleeder kit for GM products and buy a European made car you can buy just the cap, p/n 1100.


Marque Specific Guidlines

American Cars

Chevrolet/GMC/Buick/Cadillac/Pontiac/Olds (GM) Prior to the 2000MY most GM products used a rectangular or oval shaped cap on a wide mouthed reservoir.  From the early 70s to mid 80s the reservoir was metal, after that time period it was plastic.   If the reservoir is less than 3.75" x 6" the 1105 adapter will be needed which comes with kit 0105, if larger than 3.75"x6" the 1115 adapter in kit 0115 will be needed.    In the late 90s GM began switching to a round twist to lock cap across all product lines.   The cap twists 1/4 turn and has 3 locking tabs on the underside.  Cars with this type of adapter will use Power Bleeder p/n 0108 or the Black Label 0118.  The corresponding adapter would be the 1108 or the metal version 1118.  The G8/SS primarily uses the adapter 1117.  But the 1118 has been seen- The GTO has seen the 1117(id 2"), 1118(id 1.98") and a select few that use the 1105 adapter.   Note some Saturn cars use a different cap. - please see the section on Saturn below.

Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Since the mid 1980s most Ford products use a round brake fluid reservoir cap that twists 1/3 of a turn to lock into place will use Power Bleeder p/n 0107. The corresponding adapter would be the 1107. Small Ford cars built on a European chassis many times will need to use the European Bleeder 0100 or the 0109 with corresponding adapter 1100/1109.  To see if your small Ford car needs the threaded cap model please remove your brake reservoir cap and if it is threaded you will need the European Bleeder 0100/0109.  Model year 2005 to 2014 Mustangs, Fusions 2006, Fiesta's from 2014+ use bleeder kit 0118 which comes with adapter number 1118.    Model year 2015+ Mustangs are now using adapter 1100 and the 1109..  Prior to the mid 1980s if the cap is a rectangular or oval shaped cap you will need kit 0105 which comes with the 1105 adapter.   Very rarely some Ford products use a round cap with only two locking tabs - that kit is the 0106 which comes with adapter 1106 - THIS IS A VERY RARE CAP - Please make sure your car actually needs the two tab cap before ordering.

Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Late model products that have a round brake fluid reservoir cap that twists 1/3 of a turn to lock into place will use Power Bleeder p/n 0103. The corresponding adapter would be the 1103.   There are some models however from the 1990s to early 2000s that use adapters 1107 and 1108 - please see the link at the bottom of the page to determine if your car needs an adapter other than the 1103.  Some early Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth vehicles from the 70s thru 80s had a dual chamber rectangular cap master cylinder reservoir - those vehicles will need kit 0105 which includes adapter 1105.


Due to all the acquisitions of Jeep over the years by Mercedes and Chrysler there are a variety of caps used on Jeeps.  Please see the link at the bottom of this page.

Saturn    Most Saturns use kit 0108/0118 which include the 1108/1118 adapter.  The 1108/1118 is a twist to lock cap used on most GM products.  However some Saturns use the European type cap which is a threaded female cap with an inner diameter of 45mm.   If your Saturn has the threaded female cap then you will need kit 0100/0109 which include adapters 1100/1109.

Classic American Cars 1930s to late 1960s - there are a few variations on these cars - the earlier cars form the 1930s to late 50s usually use a reservoir cap that is male threaded.  Some are NPT threads ranging from 1/4"NPT to 1/2"NPT - if you car has threads in those two sizes then you can buy just a pump and tank, part number 0090 and source the NPT fitting at a hardware or plumbing supply store.  Others will use a male threaded cap that is either 1 1/4" at the threads or 1 5/8".   The 1 1/4" size will need our kit 0102 which includes the 1102 adapter.  The 1 5/8" size will use kit 0122 which includes the 1122 adapter.

European Makes - 

Nearly every European made car can use the 1100 and 1109 caps that are included in the 0100 and 0109 kits.  These caps are female threaded caps and have an inner diameter at the threads of 45mm.  BMW, Porsche, Saab, Volvo, VW (except air cooled) have used this type of cap since the late 1950s. Most other european cars also use this cap with some exceptions.   Ferrari on some models and years will use a slightly smaller cap that is 42mm inner diameter.  If you have a European made cars with a female threaded cap will more than likely use the 1100 and 1109 caps, but please check the inner diameter of the cap to be sure.

Air Cooled VW

VW Bus 1950-1967  will use kit 0100 - 45mm threaded cap 1100 adapter
VW Beetle after 1963, bus after 1967  will use 0104 kit - 27mm  inner diameter threaded reservoir cap -- 1104 adapter

 If it uses a push on cap it will be the 0101 kit.

Classic British Cars

If the cap on your classic British car is approximately 1" inner diameter and is a female threaded cap you can use our kit 0110 which includes cap 1110.   If it is a different size please check the stamping on the cap and measure the inner diameter of the cap.   It should be marked Lockheed or Girling - please see our kits 0123, 0124, 0125 which will give more specifics.

Asian Makes - 

Many Nissan, Infinity, Mistubishi, Subaru, KIA, and Hyundai models built after the late 1990s also use the Ford 1107/1117 adapter.   This cap is a twist to lock cap, it will twist about 1/4 turn and the underside of the cap has three locking tabs that engage cutouts on the reservoir neck.   The 1107/1117 adapter is included in the 0107/0117 kits.  Please check this link to make sure the dimensions of your cap are equivalent to the 1107/1117 Adapters  If your cap is not similar to the 1107/1117 then you can probably either use the European type caps or use the universal adapter 1101 that is included with kit 0101.   If it is a round threaded cap with a 45mm inner diameter it can use the European 0100/0109 kits which include the 1100/1109 adapters.   If it is not similar to the European or the Ford cap then you will need to use the 0101 universal Kit - also please check that the brake fluid reservoir is easily accessible and that it is not under the cowl as the 0101 requires easy access to the brake fluid reservoir.  If you have any questions please call or email.

Honda and Acura - Honda uses two size reservoirs.  One reservoir is approximately 2.5" in diameter - that one uses the 1101 cap which comes with kit 0101.  The other reservoir is about 3" in diameter.   It uses cap 1119 which comes with kit 0119.   You can use the 0119 on both size reservoirs, however the 0101 will only work on the smaller Reservoirs.   Stock caps CAN NOT be modified to work with our bleeders. 

Mazda  Mazda seems to change caps from model year and version of  their vehicles.  We have seen the 1100, 1109, 1107, 1108 and the 1118 work on different Mazdas.  Our best advice is to  measure the inner diameter of the caps and compare those measurements to the pictures found at this webpage  Adapters   The first two generation Miatas will use kit 0111 which includes adapter 1111.   The 3rd generation Miata will use adapters 1100/1109 which are included in the 0100/0109 kits.  Clutch reservoirs on Mazdas if separate from the brake reservoir will also use the 1100/1109 adapters.

Toyota and Lexus-   The majority of Toyotas and Lexus models use a reservoir cap that is a push to seal cap.  It doesn't screw on or twist to lock.  Some Toyotas and Lexus use a cap that has two locking tabs that engage inside the reservoir neck.   Both of these types of caps will need to use the Universal Round kit 0101 with adapter 1101 or the metal version the 0119 which comes with the 1119 adapter.   Note - if the reservoir is under the cowl the 1101 will not work.  Also some Toyota and Lexus use an integrated master cylinder abs unit where the ABS unit is either directly below the master cylinder or attached to the side.   We do not have a kit that works with those vehicles.

If you are buying only an adapter for use with a previously purchased Power Bleeder that does not have a male and female brass fitting located on the hose between the tank and the adapter cap you will also need to by p/n 0400.   Power Bleeders built after April 2008 do not need the 0400 kit.

After receiving your newly purchased Power Bleeder please open the box and inventory the unit to make sure it hasn't been damaged in shipping and that all the parts are included. 

When using the Power Bleeder always test it first as per the instructions printed on the tank. DO NOT PUT BRAKE FLUID INTO THE POWER BLEEDER UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD SEAL BETWEEN THE ADAPTER AND YOUR BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR.