Catch Bottle Instructions

Brake Bleeding Catch Bottle Kit (part 1820 and 1810) 

Thank you for purchasing the Motive Products Brake Bleeding Catch Bottle Kit.   

To use with the Power Bleeder™, connect the flexible tubing attached to the Catch Bottle Kit to the desired bleed nipple at the caliper.  Check the vehicle service manual for correct bleeding sequence.  General sequence to follow is starting with the furthest caliper from the master cylinder and progressing in towards the master cylinder.

The wire lanyard attached to the bleed bottle can be used to hang the bottle from a suspension part for support.  When the bottle has been properly attached to the bleed nipple, begin to pressure bleed,following Power Bleeder™ instructions.

When bleeding has begun, watch for fluid flow at the caliper.  When the new brake fluid starts to flow from the caliper, close the bleed valve and remove flexible tubing from the bleed nipple.  Proceed to the next wheel in bleeding sequence.

When bleeding has been completed, flexible tubing can be attached to the plastic vent on top of catch bottle to avoid leakage.

Dispose of/ recycle brake fluid properly.  Bottles can be cleaned using denatured alcohol.