PowerFill Instructions

The PowerFill can be used to transfer any type of fluid.   

1) Fill tank with type of fluid to be transferred.  

2) Close Ball Valve

3) Insert fill tube into fill port of transmission, differential etc.  (you can also attached user supplied flexible tubing to the fill tube if needed to get to hard to reach areas)

4) Pressurize using hand pump or air valve to an appropriate pressure.   Thinner fluids can use lower pressure.  Thicker gear oils can use higher pressures.  Too high of a pressure can aerate the fluid as it exits the fill tube.  If you hear hissing from the end of the fill tube after opening the ball valve lower the pressure via the air valve.

5) Open the ball valve to transfer fluid.   Monitor the flow and check pressure periodically to maintain flow.   Close ball valve when completed transferring fluid.

You may clean the unit by using a rag to remove residue.  Depending on the fluid used clean with an appropriate cleaning agent.   DO NOT USE BRAKE CLEANER.