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Girling Power Bleeder Girling 2.50" ID cap

Motive Products presents the 0124 – Power Bleeder Girling 2.5" ID, your go-to solution for efficient and safe brake bleeds. Used by professional mechanics and DIYers alike, this highly reputable product is sure to aid you in all brake related endeavors. With its 2 quart capacity and 2.5" threaded adapter (1124), the Power Bleeder is suitable for a wide range of British cars, ranging from Triumph to Austin Healey, MG to Jaguar vehicles.

This invaluable tool operates exactly like a mechanician's machine at a fraction of the cost - meaning you can enjoy garage quality work in your own driveway or shop! Making use of one-person operation, eliminating the need for additional helpers manually pumping brakes, this pressure brake bleeder works anywhere thanks to its corrosion-proof design that guarantees maintenance free service year after year.

Take all the hassle out of bleeding your brakes with Motive’s 0124 – Power Bleeder Girling 2.5" ID - it provides quick and easy access to reliable brake servicing without breaking the bank!

WARNING: Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov