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Old British Power Bleeder Kit

The 0157 Old British Bleeder Kit is the ultimate tool for all your brake and clutch system bleeding needs, whether you are a professional mechanic or a dedicated DIY enthusiast. It features a robust design, comprising a pump, tank, and male-threaded cap adapter (1157), giving you everything you need to bleed your hydraulic system with ease.

Unlike using traditional methods that require someone to pump the brake pedal while you open and close the bleed valves, the 0157 Old British Bleeder Kit enables easy one-person operations – making it perfect for those who work alone, or when you don't want to rely on someone else to get the job done.

Not only does this powerful tool enhance efficiency, but its corrosion-proof design ensures that it will provide you with years of maintenance-free service. You can rely on the 0157 Old British Bleeder Kit to quickly and confidently evacuate all the air from your hydraulic braking and clutch systems, leaving you with smooth, responsive, and reliable performance every time.