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Black Label Late Model GM / Ford 2005+ / All Teslas Adapter

Welcome to the world of effortless brake and clutch maintenance with our 1118 Black Label Late Model GM/Some Fords 2005+/All Teslas Adapter! We understand the hassle that brake and clutch maintenance causes, and we're proud to bring you a solution that is no less than perfect. Our corrosion-proof adapter is designed with the one-person operation in mind, so you can easily handle hydraulic braking and clutch system bleeds, with no helper needed!

Our round aluminum three tab adapter is a perfect fit for all late-model GM cars with a 3-tabbed cap and Teslas. One of the best things about our adapter is that it allows everyone to perform like a professional, just as they would in the repair shop. The 1118 Adapter ensures high-quality and efficient bleeding of hydraulic braking and clutch systems, making sure you will get the performance you need, flawlessly!

But that's not all, our adapter also fits perfectly in some Mazdas and some Fords from 2005 onwards that have a 1.8" inner diameter 3 tabbed cap. This high-quality adapter is perfect for even faster and efficient jobs, making your brake and clutch maintenance tasks far easier than ever before!

The 1118 Black Label Late Model GM/Some Fords 2005+/All Teslas Adapter for the Motive Products Power Bleeder is easy to install and maintain, and it ensures you dramatic improvement in performance, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today, and notice how easily it brings efficient and hassle-free brake and clutch maintenance into your life!