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Magnum PowerFill and Extractor Pressure Pump

Introducing the 1710 Magnum PowerFill and Extractor, the ultimate addition to your maintenance lineup. Get all the performance benefits of your Extractor Pressure Pump, with added ease and convenience. Compatible with the Magnum series PowerBleeders and the PowerFill products, this innovative product is ideal for professional and DIY mechanics.

Changing and disposing of used fluids has never been easier, with this revolutionary pump's pressurization system. In this way, the pump takes the hassle out of routine vehicle maintenance, with just a few pumps of the handle. The pressurization pump swaps out for the vacuum pump, making the process quick and simple, almost like magic!

The 1710 Magnum PowerFill and Extractor Pressure Pump is perfect for shops of all sizes, thanks to its exceptional design. Its unparalleled ease of setup and fast results, coupled with reliable performance, make it ideal for those who prioritize quality and efficiency.

So invest in power, invest in maintenance, and invest in peace of mind - the 1710 Magnum PowerFill and Extractor is the perfect solution for all your maintenance needs!