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Brake Fluid Tester

The 5101 Brake Fluid Tester is an industry-leading product that offers mechanics – both professional and DIY – with a practical and dependable solution for measuring the water content in brake fluid.

Designed with the end user's needs in mind, this product is engineered for fast and accurate measurements, resulting in substantial cost and time savings in maintenance. Its compact and convenient size ensures ease of use and high portability, without adding extra weight or bulk to your toolkit.

The 5101 Brake Fluid Tester stands out from other products in the market, thanks to its innovative use of five LED displays that provide clear and easy-to-read indications for the water content level of brake fluid, ranging from 0 to 4 percent or more. Furthermore, to ensure accuracy and reliability in every testing situation, the product has a self-test function – a unique feature that is not available in many other testers.

When it comes to brake fluid testing, there's no need for guesswork or hesitation – trust the 5101 Brake Fluid Tester for precise readings in seconds. Its innovative features will enable you to maintain your brakes with ease and efficiency, ensuring the safety of your vehicle and passengers.