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Ford/Asain 3-Prong Adapter

The Motive Products Ford/Asian 3-Prong Adapter is a high-quality round adapter that offers a perfect fit for Power Bleeders. This adapter is specifically designed to fit late model Ford vehicles from 1986 and later, as well as many late model Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, and Subaru vehicles. Please note that it is not compatible with any Toyota or Honda vehicles.

This adapter features a three-tab design that ensures a secure fit and allows for easy and efficient brake bleeding. With its durable construction, the Ford/Asian 3-Prong Adapter is built to last and can withstand even the toughest of jobs. Please note that some mid-2000 to late-model year Fords and Nissans may have thicker tabs than the majority of vehicles, but this adapter is still a great choice for most applications.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the Motive Products Ford/Asian 3-Prong Adapter is an essential tool for any brake bleeding job. Get yours today and experience the ease and convenience of bleeding brakes with a high-quality adapter that's designed to last.

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