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This 15 SKU stainless steel bleeder screw assortment kit has much to offer, boasting high-quality screws for an unbeatable seal without any seepages. The robust design ensures longevity and reliability, so you can begin releasing air and fluid from your brake lines with ease! Get back on the road faster than ever– it's as quick and easy as a single brake bleed. Plus, every single screw in this incredible assortment boasts inimitable quality; their trustworthiness can bring confidence and comfort each time they are used. Explore ultimate convenience and speed with this highly sought after collection of high performance bleeder screws.

A full assortment of varying sizes for multiple fixes
Durable stainless steel construction for outstanding resilience and corrosion resistance
High quality materials ensure that your bleeder screw assortment kit will be around as long as you may need it

– Seamlessly remove air and fluid with confidence and precision due to our delightful variety
– Defies deterioration keeping top class form overtime without fault
– The comprehensive guarantee reserves reliable maintenance on an indefinite basis