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Classic Volvo and Marine Trailer Adapter

The 1132 - Classic Volvo and Marine Trailer Adapter from Motive Products is the ultimate product for DIY repair experts or professional mechanics who need to promote brake system health for classic vehicles. This adapter kit allows you to convert your existing POWER BLEEDER to work with most early Volvos that feature round internally threaded master cylinder openings (~1 3/16 inches ID). It also has wider compatibility by fitting trailer hydraulic master cylinders that have a male threaded cap 1 3/16" in diameter at the threads, and 18 TPI.

Imagine being able to bleed hydraulic braking and clutch systems while working confidence knowing that corrosion-proof design means years of maintenance-free service. The ease of one-person operation eliminates any need for help--you won't even have to ask a helper to pump the pedal while you open and close the bleed valves. With this adapter, you can experience a safe and effective way of taking care of classic vehicles just like how the pros do it.

Get your very own 1132 Classic Volvo and Marine Trailer Adapter now, so you can perform brake system laps using an efficient tool with easy installation and guaranteed quality.