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The 0166 - Suzuki/Yamaha Brake Bleeder Kit from is the perfect companion for professional and DIY mechanics. This brake bleeder is a Brembo-style pressure type, which means no air can get into your brake system, protecting your brakes against damage. The kit comes with a 2 quart capacity and included Billet Aluminum adapter (1166), along with two and one-half feet of tubing. To top it off, it has a CNC machined aluminum reservoir cap to ensure you get an accurate bleeding of the brake fluid.

This Bleeder Kit will make your job easier while allowing you to be more efficient. It’s designed to be used over and over again, saving time and money in the long run. With its high quality components, it is built to last and can handle both extreme underhood temperatures as well as any other environmental obstacles.

Investing in this top-notch product will elevate your brake maintenance process to ensure that each job is done right the first time around. That's why 0166 - Suzuki/Yamaha Brake Bleeder Kit from is the ultimate choice for all discerning professional or DIY mechanics who demand superior performance and optimal results for every job. Don't wait another minute – get yours today!

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