0409 Replacement tubing for PowerBleeders - order by the foot

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Original tubing for bleeder. To be used when replacing worn or old tubing.  Includes clamps. 

Order by the foot - if you want 3 ft enter 3 in quantity.   After adding the hose to the cart when checking out make sure you change the quantity to the footage needed.


Clamp removal and installation tips:

To remove the clamps - on the side opposite the crimp on the clamp you will see a seam or tab on the clamp - with a thin screwdriver pry up on that seam and the clamp will come apart, be careful when prying so as to not stab yourself or fling a bit of clamp into your eye.   Once the clamp comes apart you can unwind the clamp.

To crimp you can use a pair on dykes to squeeze the clamps together, or tile nippers.


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